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I have lived , worked and played on Savary for decades.

On this site I try to convey the facts and flavours of this Island , I call home.

Savary is about 5 miles tip to tip , lies East West, is not very deep, averaging half a mile.

A line from Powell River to Campbell River would run though it.

It is blessed with a very temperate climate, lots of sunshine and surrounded by sandy beaches .


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significant development ( i.e. no development ).

Dear SILT members and friends,

I am thrilled to tell you that "the friends of Savary" (John O 'Neill, Kip Woodward, Peter Armstrong) have a signed purchase agreement with Roger Sahlin to acquire DL 1375 and Lots 35 and 36 for $3.5 million dollars. The land will be protected by The Nature Trust of BC (TNT). Finally the dream to save this land and protect 1/3 of Savary is coming true!!! Thanks to each of you for your support over the many years it has taken to reach this goal.

The Nature Trust requires an endowment for the land, so an additional $500,000 is needed and we are working with them and the "Friends of Savary" to raise $4 million dollars. We are seeking commitments by March 31, funds will be needed by early May and the deal is set to close May 30. Already more than $2. million dollars has been raised and the Campaign is more than half way to reaching it's goal. See attached.

Please let me know if you would like to make a contribution to this one time chance to protect a piece of this paradise for generations to come. Donations maybe made directly to The Nature Trust of BC, online at or by cheque to SILT Box 141, Lund, BC V0N 2G0. Donations made to SILT for DL 1375 will be transferred to TNT for the purchase.

Thank you for your generosity and please tell your friends and family about the chance to be a part of saving the Heart of Savary Island, that place that we all love so much.

Warm wishes,

Liz Webster M.A.
Executive Director
Savary Island Land Trust Society

(604) 414-0073





First Farmers Market  2018, Tuesday 3 JULY, 11am - 1pm - At Hacienda Pascalito

Weekly Farmers Market will return EVERY TUESDAY in July & August     " CLINK "




   YOGA -

Leslie Young - at The Fire Hall 10 am  $ 10 per session - Tuesday SOMATICS

                                                                                                Thursday  YOGA



As required by ASIC's Bylaws and the BC Societies Act, here are the Association's annual documents:

• Notice of 2018 AGM
• 2018 Directors' Report
• 2018 Motion
• 2018 Financial Statements
• 2017 AGM Draft Minutes


NOTICE of 2018 AGM — new location

This notice is to invite you to
ASIC's 8th Annual General Meeting
10 AM* - 12 PM, Saturday July 14, 2018
at Hacienda Pascalito

2778 Vancouver Blvd (at Brian’s Way), Savary Island.

* Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign in, so that the meeting may start on time. Thanks!

Weather dependent, this meeting will be either indoors or out. You may wish to bring a hat and a chair, as there are a limited number of chairs. Non-members may also attend, but may not vote. Those wishing to become members may sign up before or on the day.

At the meeting, the Directors will review the past year as outlined in the Directors' Report and the Financial Statements. No Motions were received by the deadline of June 15.

Patrick Brabazon, PRRD Regional Director, will provide a Regional District update and will answer questions from AGM attendees.




As of June 14, 2018, ASIC's membership count was 826 members.

Area-A (Mace Pt to Phyllis Rd) — 390 members;
Area-B (Phyllis Rd to MacLean Rd) — 143 members;
Area-C (MacLean Rd to Indian Pt) — 293 members.


2a. First Responders Transport Issue
At last year's AGM, Blaine Wiggins, a manager from BC Emergency Health Services, committed to finding a solution to the First Responders transportation issues. FRs are considered to be out of their scope of practice to transport patients, and if they do, they are putting themselves at risk. Mr. Wiggins indicated that a new agreement would be coming. He stated that BCEHS is focusing on outcomes, so dispatchers could indemnify the FRs if necessary, on a case-by-case basis. He also assured ASIC members that this issue was a top priority.

BC Ambulance says FRs should ask on the radio if BC Ambulance wants Savary FRs to transport, and if BC Ambulance says yes, then FRs are covered for liability. That isn't enough as far as the Fire Chief is concerned, because this is not an actual written policy so is not a guarantee to protect the FRs. To date, Fire Chief Gareth Jones reports that there have been no developments from BC ambulance.

2b. Motion to Explore with PRRD Increased Dual Use of the Main Fire Hall.
Following through with the AGM motion last year, ASIC Community Services subcommittee met with Patrick Brabazon and PRRD staff to discuss additional community service use and the associated costs. It was clear at the meeting that serious concerns had been raised about dual use of the Fire Hall.

After the meeting, the PRRD Board passed a motion on March 29, 2018 to “instruct staff to direct the Savary Island Volunteer Fire Chief to cease access for all non-fire department related activities at the Main Fire Hall.” One of the reasons for this decision is that demands on the fire department are increasing, and the fire hall needs to be a dedicated space for training and operations.

The PRRD did make an allowance for this summer for already booked events to continue for a six-month phasing-out period so the organizers of those events would have time to find alternative on-island facilities.


3a. Wharf Improvements
The Wharf upgrades presented at the AGM last year started in the fall of 2017 and the wharf was ready for use on September 29. The new wharf ramp, float, and wharfhead have been a huge improvement of space, and are much safer to use. The second phase of the upgrades took place over the winter and included renovating the wharf shed, adding barriers to protect pedestrians, and building a new bicycle rack and waiting area at the roadside. ASIC wishes to thank the PRRD and SIDAC for making this happen.

3b. Rats on Savary
Rats are on Savary and have been trapped in every part of the island. A number of ASIC members wrote to ASIC with their rat numbers and locations. ASIC Directors have also caught and reported on rats. Our main concern is that infestations are incredibly difficult to control once established, so we've been encouraging residents and visitors to take action now. Pest control is a property owner’s responsibility and if we all work together, we can hopefully make Savary rat-free again.

In our Updates we have tried to inform members about multiple methods of rat control. In addition, we have provided a link to the US Park Service Rodent Exclusion Manual, which is a thorough guide to stop rats from flourishing.

We have told members to rat-proof their cabins, remove food sources, and have always referenced licensed professional pest control. We have talked about rat-proofing compost material and introduced the "Green Cone" as a food scrap digester that is essentially rat-proof. The PRRD has helped with a bulk purchase of Green Cones that have been made available to property owners.

Recently, some members of ASIC have asked that ASIC take action toward the banning of poison on Savary. Rat poison is legal in BC, and Health Canada recommends poison bait as one of the methods to control rat populations. ASIC is just a Society with no powers of writing laws or enforcement of bans that can override existing laws.

3c. Roads Report
Since ASIC’s inception, we have said that Savary Island roads are severely under-maintained and put public safety at risk. This view is supported by our fire department and by PRRD Emergency Services.

During the summer and fall of 2017, the ASIC Transportation Subcommittee worked on a major project to develop a thorough report of Savary road conditions, with recommendations for every section of road, to present to MOTI in January 2018.

ASIC has encouraged Savaryites to review the report to understand the nature of our recommendations. We have asked for better road classifications that would result in increased maintenance, plus a 5-year capital improvement budget to create a better road base to allow water to drain off the surface. There is no request that roads be made wider than our existing travelled road widths.

Our Updates in the last few months have included articles about safety issues and maintenance recommendations to help members understand the objectives that ASIC is pursuing. Potholes are our main target, and the remedy is to get water off the road. Potholes have a negative impact on medical patient safety and the fire department's ability to respond to fires.

The Road Report meeting with MOTI in January led to two senior MOTI managers visiting Savary Island on May 11 to see firsthand the road safety issues, and to better understand the Report's recommendations. Subcommittee members and the SIVFD Chief drove MOTI around the island to identify high priority areas that require more maintenance and some upgrades.

We are pleased to announce that MOTI has now upgraded the classification of the main road, from Indian Point to Mace Point, from a 7F to a 6F for the 10-year road maintenance contract starting in 2019. We will report to members on exactly what that new classification entails (more gradings, gravel, etc.) when we get that information from MOTI.

We would like to thank the ASIC Transportation Subcommittee for all their work on this project and for bringing decades of frustration to a good result. A big thank you to Powell River Regional District for their support and letters. And of course, thanks to all the ASIC members who took the time to write and call MOTI over the years. You made a difference.

Good news, the 2017 - 2018 Financial Report shows an improvement in our current assets. This is due to members who generously contributed a total of $750 to ASIC.

When ASIC was formed, we chose not to adopt a membership fee to support our operations. Currently, the only fund raising activity is the sale of Savary Island calendars. Barbara Graham who has produced the calendars for the last decade has indicated she would like to retire, so ASIC is either looking for another volunteer to take over the calendars, or, we need to look at other fund raising options. We are interested in hearing the views of our members on this, so Fund Raising is on the AGM agenda for discussion.

Please start thinking about being part of the ASIC Board of Directors in November. You don't have to be physically present on Savary for the monthly meetings, but you will be expected to participate by conference call, and between meetings by email. Please offer your name as a nominee before October 12 by contacting

Throughout the year, ASIC received numerous letters from members expressing their concerns on various topics. It's important for the Board to learn the community's views, so we encourage our members to keep the letters coming.

ASIC has tried to make progress on the issues and concerns of Savary Island property owners and residents. In moving forward we have tried to respect the diverse values of the members as we advocate with government agencies, other organizations and individuals. With over 800 members, the association has gained recognition as an important voice of Savary Island property owners.

Thank you for joining ASIC and contributing to Savary’s future.


Bud Graham, President
Association of the Savary Island Committee



Download here:
ASIC 2018 Financial Statements


Download here:
ASIC 2017 AGM Minutes


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28 JULY - SILT CELEBRATION at Hacienda Pascalito ( invite only)



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Announcement for lovers of the Savary island Fun Triathlon!!

And to those who have a love-hate relationship with it!

The 18th annual triathlon will take place on SUNDAY JULY 29th ! See you there !

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Pascal’s Art and Crafts Market has been rescheduled and will be on August 6th from 1pm - 4pm. It’s at the Hacienda. If you’d like to participate as a vendor, please call Liz Shanks at 604-483-9292

    SIVFD     2018 Firehouse Frolic

A day of fun, demonstrations, food, music, beverage garden and more.
August 11th,2018 12 noon- 6 pm. Main Fire Hall.
We are looking for volunteers to help run the show.
Anyone interested please contact either
Doug Campbell: or Chris Philpott:

Thanks for your support.


16 SEPTEMBER Annual Terry Fox Walk. 10 am Mermaid Trail, walk to wharf, then up the hill for lunch at HACIENDA PASCALITO.



NOT MUCH SCHEDULED, ASIC and SIDAC MEETINGs supposed to be public, but a little hard to figure out how to attend

RICK THADDEUS - 604-483-3218 / CELL -414-3947/ - FAX 604-343-3680 /