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Savary Island



DL 1375 is the so far unsubdivided area in the middle of Savary.

It is owned 50 % by The Nature Trust of B.C. and 50% by The Sahlin Family of Washington State.

A Court ordered it's subdivision between the two parties. there were terms such as creation of roads, beach access etc.

I have witnessed no activity related to fulfilling these terms. The Sahlins have until January 2016.

A Sahlin development in Washingto State has recently gone bankrupt and taxes on their Savary holdings are delinquent

( 2 years according to SILT newsletter, Taxes due 2 July for this year ).

If anyone has further info, I'd be grateful.

Meanwhile it is home to Duck Bay, stretches across The Island to First & Second Points on The North Side.

Dear SILT members and friends,

I am thrilled to tell you that "the friends of Savary" (John O 'Neill, Kip Woodward, Peter Armstrong) have a signed purchase agreement with Roger Sahlin to acquire DL 1375 and Lots 35 and 36 for $3.5 million dollars. The land will be protected by The Nature Trust of BC (TNT). Finally the dream to save this land and protect 1/3 of Savary is coming true!!! Thanks to each of you for your support over the many years it has taken to reach this goal.

The Nature Trust requires an endowment for the land, so an additional $500,000 is needed and we are working with them and the "Friends of Savary" to raise $4 million dollars. We are seeking commitments by March 31, funds will be needed by early May and the deal is set to close May 30. Already more than $2. million dollars has been raised and the Campaign is more than half way to reaching it's goal. See attached.

Please let me know if you would like to make a contribution to this one time chance to protect a piece of this paradise for generations to come. Donations maybe made directly to The Nature Trust of BC, online at or by cheque to SILT Box 141, Lund, BC V0N 2G0. Donations made to SILT for DL 1375 will be transferred to TNT for the purchase.

Thank you for your generosity and please tell your friends and family about the chance to be a part of saving the Heart of Savary Island, that place that we all love so much.

Warm wishes,

Liz Webster M.A.
Executive Director
Savary Island Land Trust Society
(604) 414-0073