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Savary Island



Prior to acquisition this property was owned by U.S. based "Trillium Corporation" who had various plans to subdivide, from The early 90s.

The Nature Trust acquired a 50% interest ( around 2000 ? ), then in 2019 became sole owner.

After decades of uncertainty, DL 1375 has been preserved under the auspices of The Nature Trust of B.C.

It is a chunk of about 350 undeveloped acres encompassing the widest part of Savary, Including First

& Second Points on The North Side and Stretching to Duck Bay Beacon Point  on The South Side.

To The East , adjacent parcels almost as far as The Church .


   I think , I can safely state that there will be no more property for sale here ever.



On May 31st, 2018, the deal to purchase District Lot 1375 and Lots 35 and 36 closed, and 350 acres of the last undivided land on Savary Island was preserved forever.

In an astounding outpouring of generosity, over 175 donors came together to raise $4 million dollars. Donations came from every corner of the Island.

Savary is one of the most ecologically sensitive of all the Islands in the Strait of Georgia, and yet it is under the most pressure from potential development.

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"Broom Bashers"

NATURE TRUST , SOUTH COAST CREW, ( and friendly native) after a hard day "Broom Bashing  at Duck Bay.

Scotch Broom , originally planted for erosion control, is viewed as invasive, and creates  fire hazard ( highly inflammable).