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Savary Island



DL 1375 is the so far unsubdivided area in the middle of Savary.

It is owned 50 % by The Nature Trust of B.C. and 50% by The Sahlin Family of Washington State.

A Court ordered it's subdivision between the two parties. there were terms such as creation of roads, beach access etc.

I have witnessed no activity related to fulfilling these terms. The Sahlins have until January 2016.

A Sahlin development in Washingto State has recently gone bankrupt and taxes on their Savary holdings are delinquent

( 2 years according to SILT newsletter, Taxes due 2 July for this year ).

If anyone has further info, I'd be grateful.

Meanwhile it is home to Duck Bay, stretches across The Island to First & Second Points on The North Side.

" Dear SILT members and Friends,
At last, 20 years since SILT’s inception, we have an exciting update on DL 1375.
SILT was contacted by Mr. Sahlin’s representative, Wayne Schwandt in early July, to let us know that he was planning to meet with the Nature Trust of BC with a proposal that would meet the objectives of the Nature Trust, SILT and the Sahlin family. 

At our AGM on August 1, The Nature Trust of BC Advisory Committee Member, Doug Christopher, explained that The Nature Trust (TNT) is in the early stages of negotiating to acquire DL 1375. Mr. Sahlin will keep a portion of the land for his family. Savary Islanders Peter Armstrong and John O’Neill have been working with TNT to put a deal together and negotiations with Mr. Sahlin are ongoing. Funds will need to be raised, an estimated $6 million or more. SILT has been asked to raise at least $1 million while the Nature Trust pursues funding of its own.
After more than 20 years, the opportunity to protect the heart of Savary is here.  Thanks to everyone who supported SILT over those years.  Now is the time many have waited for, the time to think about all of our Savary memories, talk with our families and pledge generously to the Island we all love so much.
Pledges towards the project may be made using the pledge form attached by contacting SILT at at or at the SILT Tent at the Farmers Market Tuesdays 11-1.
Warm regards,
Liz Webster M.A
Executive Director
Savary Island Land Trust Society "