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Savary Island




Savary wharf has undergone substantial improvements.

The wood breakwater was removed, and a new metal one installed further out,

this allows for a longer ramp ( gentler slope),  and the extension of the float, to deeper water.

The wharf shed has been moved to open up access to the deck, and improves the view looking toward the Savary beach.!

With the new ramp , dollies are practical, and there should be a couple available.


Also lots of gravel has been applied to the main road, so the final drive to your cottage should be considerably smoother.

It's getting busy for The Long Weekend

Lund Resort ( formerly Hotel) renovations, somewhat chaotic.

Pay Parking at top of the hill under new management.


The vast majority of trips to Savary are via LUND WATER TAXI.   604-483-9749



To get to  LUND  The Northern Terminus of Highway 101 from Vancouver.

Drive to Horseshoe Bay, take the Sunshine Coast / Langdale Ferry.     Schedules Clink 

read service notices at bottom of schedules, they sneak stuff in

"EXPERIENCE CARD DISCOUNTS' worth checking out.

Drive to the end of the road Earls Cove at this terminal you just drive in your ticket is good for both ferries.

( your fare is good for the two crossings, no toll booths on The Lower Sunshine Coast)    Schedules Clink

They don't collect FARES on the Sechelt Peninsula , you ticket is good for Two ferries either continuing through to Powell River or returning to Vancouver

There is a restaurant  THE COVE  under new management at the terminal

The ferry crosses Jervis Inlet and docks at Saltery Bay, from there it's a half hour drive to POWELL  RIVER * and another half hour to LUND.

From VANCOUVER ISLAND - The ferry leaves from Little River ( Comox ) to  Westview  ( POWELL RIVER)



*NO GAS IN LUND ( except marine)

Make sure You have gas in your tank to get you to Lund and back to Powell River at least.

No gas in Lund. Closest Sliammon, Wildwood & Townsite.

It's a good idea to have enough to get to The Petrocan at Pender Harbour if You are rushing to catch the Saltery bay ferry, when you are heading home.


From Vancouver  Island there is a ferry from LITTLE  RIVER ( COMOX) to POWELL  RIVER. Schedules Clink

You need some time in Lund, unloading the car and taking stuff down the ramp and parking.


The old Hotel parking lot is now directly run by   THE LUND RESORT at Kla Ah Men -


LUND PARKING ( formerly End of The Road Parking) under new management Gord & Micah.

Same phone # 604-483-3667     New Website - On Line Reservations


It's about a 10 minute crossing to Savary. then you have to carry your belongings up the ramp.

 Unique to Savary "Land Taxis", crew cab pick up trucks capable of hauling, kids , dogs, coolers, bikes etc.  make the final stage to your cottage.

LUND WATER TAXI  coordinate Water Taxi, 'Land Taxi' , barge ( vehicles & freight ) and also run the 'gas depot'.  604-483-9749

They go places other than Savary, Sarah Point for The Sunshine Coast Trail & the direct route to Cortes Island.





FaceBook page coordinating  Campbell River to Savary  charters ' Clink'

Water Taxi from Comox Vancouver Island -



Recommended; Check Tide Tables - higher tide makes loading easier.

Get Rubbermaid Totes for packing.( Put your name on them).

Some items are considered hazardous cargo , they cannot be transported on the water taxi e.g.  Car Batteries, filled propane bottles, cans of gasoline.

When boat is docking, allow driver to exit, wait for  him to tie the boat up, leave freight on the boat, driver will hand it to to you.

Keep a hand free to hold on  .

Hang around to unload your own freight.


FLOAT PLANES - are a delightful option, the views , the quick trip and the joy of wading ashore should be experienced.


VANCITY SEAPLANES  Peter Grimm has established his company as Savary's airline over the last few years.  Phone: 1-604-716-0536

HARBOUR  AIR -  Based downtown Vancouver, Coal Harbour.   1.800.665.0212

PACIFIC SEAPLANES --    250-616-5858 and email at

CORILAIR - Based in Campbell river, they do a 'mystery tour' post office run.    operations:

toll free: 1-888-287-8366          local: 250-287-8371      fax: 250-287-3481



Flights to Powell River Airport - PACIFIC COASTAL AIRLINES



The Sunshine Coast Connector   "clink"

Bus does not travel on the ferries.

Runs length of Lower Sunshine Coast - between the Ferry Terminals.

Also From Town Centre Hotel , Powell River to Saltery Bay Terminal.



Jesse Newman's customised truck takes you to Sunshine Coast Trail and other hidden delights, of the Powell River back country.

604-483-6374 /



Powell River Visitors Info, "Drop In" or check their site "Clink"